UST Paskuhan 2010 documentation

Photography by: Francin Cruz

Had a chance to take pictures behind the scenes of paskuhan, like, on stage! But only for a bit though, There were already too many photographers on each side of t he stage. There were so many people, a lot more than before mind, so i only stayed with the crowd for a bit. Spent the rest of it on the 7th floor of Beato (thanks to Miro's Staff ID) and took pictures of the fireworks display.

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Stickers and Interviews 2011

I have decided.

I'm collecting those goddamn Starbucks stickers.

Fortunately, they lessened how many times you have to consume their ridiculously expensive coffee before you start twitching uncontrollably from caffeine overdose. Unfortunately though, the inside layout's not as good as the previous ones.

I'm a Starbucks sticker collecting virgin.

I love the die cut design of the front covers. I was going for the red one at first, but then I saw that it was actually velvet (they're very hard to clean) and decided to go for the brown cover. 

Which reminds me....

It's almost December and I still havent gotten a single interview for my Chapter 2.


Hellooooo 2011, please be kind to me.


So blame it on the social network

Made me come to realize (or recall) how important writing your thoughts are. Ever since facebook started i haven't written a decent blog entry in years. I was supposedly going to relive my old LJ account, but then i saw my past entries and...

let's just say i'm starting over a new leaf.
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